General Information

crane_brochure_coverThis is a very good brochure outlining Cranes and their habitats in South Africa.
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This brochure was produced by EWT -The Endangered Wildlife Trust (Crane Conservation) and their aims are to ensure the harmonious coexistence of natural crane populations and people on the same land and to ensure the survival of South Africa’s three crane species and their natural habitats.

It is a 9 part brochure series, and covers:

  • Cranes and their habitats
  • Wetlands and cranes
  • Grasslands and cranes
  • Agriculture and cranes
  • Poisoning of cranes and wildlife
  • Crop damage by cranes
  • Power lines and cranes
  • Crane ringing
  • KwaZulu-Natal Crane Foundation


Cranes: Symbols of Survival

ICFTen-Year Strategic Vision for the International Crane Foundation.

The International Crane Foundation works worldwide to conserve cranes and the ecosystems, watersheds, and flyways on which they depend. ICF provides knowledge, leadership, and inspiration to engage people in resolving threats to cranes and their diverse landscapes.